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Maintenance Guide

Procrastination is a vice that plagues many of us. We put off paying the bills until the last minute, we hit snooze one too many times in the morning, we may even delay starting a big project for work until the eleventh hour. When it comes to taking care of your car, however, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping up with your routine maintenance.

In fact, taking the time to stay on top of your vehicle's regularly scheduled services could very well save you time--not to mention money--down the road. Don't wait until your car breaks down on you when you are in a hurry or far from home to admit it's time to head in to the Nemet Nissan Service Center for your car's required upkeep.

Next time your "check engine light" clicks on, do yourself a favor and don't ignore it. We have a highly skilled team of automotive experts here working for our service center that all attest to the fact that putting off the seemingly small fixes can lead to bigger, more expensive, and more time consuming issues like a busted radiator or even engine failure.

No matter what kind of car you drive, there's one thing that all automobiles have in common: routine maintenance is the key to vehicle longevity. Allow our top-notch service professionals work with you to help your car deliver optimal performance even as you rack up the miles. Visit us at 153-12 Hillside Ave, Jamaica or call our service center at (800) 915-9726.

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